Stay cool with cooling visors. Perfect for all day in hot weather!           STAYCOOL Cooling Visor
   This cooling visor will amaze you. It helps reduce your body’s temperature through evaporative cooling, giving you long lasting relief from the heat. Made of high-grade hydrating crystals that expand in water to create a cushion of cooling power. Green #M91599, Navy/Burgundy #M91899,  White #M91099,  Blue #M91299,  Teal #M91499     $15.00
   Nylon frame gray lens sunglasses

          Nylon Aviator Frame Gray Lens Classic Sunglasses
Fantastic general purpose gray lens sunglasses. Classic style, lightweight nylon frame is good looking and extremely durable. Use for all purposes including driving, recreation, sports and water sports.   

Classic Gray lens Glasses, Style #970: $9.00

     Golf and Tennis sunglasses

          Aviator Frame Mirror Lens Sunglasses
Magnificent looking mirrored lens sunglasses with full coversage aviator frame made of indestructible nylon keeps all of the sun's glare out, not just direct sun. Perfect for any outdoor activity!  

Blue Mirror Aviators, Style #972: $22.00
Gold Mirror Aviators, Style #976: $22.00


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