Cooltan tan through shirts. The shirts you tan through Cooltan tan through shirts. A safe natural tan through your shirt, no tan lines! Two people wearing tan through shirts in front of scenic Carmel CA
Cool, Comfortable Tan-Through Shirts & Swimwear... Stay cool, look great, get tan!


Get a tan through your shirt. A perfect tan with no tan lines

The only Sportshirt that allows you to tan safely right through the fabric!

Womens 1pc Suits

Womens 1pc Suits

Womens 1pc Suits

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"Its cool and lightweight" 

"Light and cool, great for tennis and jogging" 

"I was at the golf course a couple weeks ago, it was in the mid 80's heading up to the 90's, and the shirt - believe it or not was dry. " 

"It's just nice to go outside without having your shirt stick to you." 

"You can be comfortable playing golf in hot weather" 

"Good answer for not being able to golf shirtless" 

"Cool, comfortable, easy to wash and dry" 

"No tan lines!" 

"Although I burned some wearing this shirt I didn't burn as much as I would have if I had not had it on" 

"Shirt material is a 4 to 6 sunscreen - an excellent substitute for oil or goo" 

"Cool, comfortable, and you can get a tan without having to lay in the sun doing nothing" 

"Its a perfect way to avoid burning and to tan without taking off your shirt" 

"Especially comfortable for the humidity of the deep South" 

"I'm an outdoors person who needs sunshine... this shirt can eliminate 
bathing suit tops, my friends will love this!" 

"Cooler than anything I've worn golfing, you really can tan through the material" 

"Nicely styled, light weight, and ideal for the tropics" 

"I get to tan while doing yard work and mowing the lawn without removing my shirt. I plan to buy more" 

"It works, it's comfortable, cool, and helps tan unexposed skin gradually" 

"No tan lines, much more even tan" 

"It is the coolest shirt my husband owns" 

"It is much neater than mesh, with the advantage that it is tan-through but not see-through" 

"I got it for my husband because he's always lying in the sun... how boring" 

"Great feel, great style, and no tan lines" 

"Very cool, relaxing and comfortable with plenty of freedom for my golf swing" 

"The biggest asset is the shirt does not become wet and stick to you... It allows a freer golf swing with no clinging or binding" 

"Anyone can work on their tan while working outdoors" 

"It's comfortable in sunny climates and the fabric breathes when you exercise" 

"You get a tan, its comfortable, PLUS it's a very dressy looking sport shirt" 

No more tan lines! Get a tan through your shirt
Style #7288, getting tan through her scoop neck shirt at tennis court

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Your COOLTAN shirts are cool, comfortable and you can get a tan without having to lie in the sun doing nothing
- Cindy Narod, Brooklyn, NY

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